Who is the main Bitcoin's opponent?

Who is the main Bitcoin's opponent?

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According to CoinMarketCap, the strongest Bitcoin's competitor is Ethereum. Meanwhile, the multimedia financial-services company Motley Fool tends to consider Litecoin as the biggest risk for Bitcoin. The thing is that Litecoin uses the same protocols as Bitcoin. Bitcoin and Ethereum have different marketplaces (Bitcoin is mostly a currency while Ethereum is a functional platform with a cryptocurrency support). In the meantime, Litecoin is also a currency and a store of value. However, Litecoin is not that successful. As Motley Fool analyst says, it’s a problem of the focus:
"Litecoin hasn't been nearly as successful, but that looks to be more a function of its creator, Charles Lee, taking a backseat for years and only recently putting his full effort behind building up his cryptocurrency's use.”

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