Singapore Shopping Mall Now Sells Crypto Mining Hardware

Singapore Shopping Mall Now Sells Crypto Mining Hardware

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Ready-made computing machines used to facilitate transactions in bitcoin and other digital currencies have appeared on the city state’s shop shelves even as its central bank sounds a note of caution. For people who are interested in mining cryptocurrencies, using regular computer parts makes a lot of sense. After all, it is easy enough to buy a motherboard, processor, GPU, coolers, and power supply from an electronics store. With this equipment, one can easily mine popular altcoins such as Ethereum, Siacoin, Monero, or others. When it comes to mining Bitcoin, however, there is a need for specialized ASIC equipment. Right now, there’s only one major manufacturer selling this equipment to consumers. A store proprietor, Wilson Josup sells about ten rigs on a weekly foundation, up from only one or two when he first began promoting them about six months in the past. He stated that according to buyer testimonials, letting a S$4,000 rig perform continuously can earn around $400 a month. And shoppers vary from the ones of their 20s to retirees, he informed the South China Morning Put up.
“Maximum of my consumers would inquire from me to assist switch the rigs from their houses to an information middle as a result of they don’t like the warmth and noise,” famous Josup, including that his benefit margin on every rig was once round 10%.
When do you expect it will be possible to get a cryptocurrency mining rig right off the shelf in your local mall? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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