Samourai Wallet Sends Bitcoins Via SMS

Samourai Wallet Sends Bitcoins Via SMS

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The developers of the well-known mobile Bitcoin-purse Samourai presented their application Pony Direct, which task is to conduct cryptocurrency transactions via SMS. Samourai Wallet published through his Twitter account that the proof of concept (PoC) called PonyDirect was launched as a result of his research and development program. This makes it possible to both send transactions to the Bitcoin network via SMS, and allow a device to function as a relay of SMS to the Bitcoin blockchain. Basically, to send a transaction, PonyDirect must be executed on the device and the phone number (in international format) of the Pony Relay or device that will work as a relay must be entered. Then you must add the transaction in hexadecimal format (hex) so that it is divided into the necessary amount of text messages that it will require to be sent. Finally, the messages with the fractional transaction are sent to the retransmitter, without forgetting that the issuer will be charged the usual cost of each of the text messages to its line. The developers described the process in such a way:
"The problem is that since the message can only contain up to 160 characters, you need to find a way to send them as much as possible to transfer the transaction. The first SMS contains information about the number of messages in the series, the hash ID, the batch ID and the hex part. The following SMSs contain a sequence number, a lot ID and more transaction data. Once the receiving device receives all SMS from the same incoming number, the data is extracted from each message, the entire operation is collected and sent to the Bitcoin network. "
At the moment the application is available on Android but the developers say they are planning to create an iOS version already this year. What do you look for in a wallet app? Let us know in the comments section below.  

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