How will Ethereum scale?

How will Ethereum scale?

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Ethereum aims to support as many users as it possible. But the limits of the platform we still do not know. As there is a hard-coded limit on computation per block, the blockchain supports only 15 transactions per second. So, what is the problem with the scaling? Well, as we know, the data in Ethereum system is stored in “nodes”. That is a complex process because the number of all the transactions increases every 10–12 seconds with each new block. If the developers scale up the size of each block for more transactions the data will grow larger as well and not all the users will be able to log in. Moreover, the large blocks will be able to run only big companies. That is the cost of decentralization. How do the system share information? With the help of a traditional scaling technique called “sharding”. It breaks a database and puts each part on a different server, so each node has only information to verify a transaction. If it needs to know the information it does not store it will find another node with the required records. “Off-chain” transactions Ethereum borrows Bitcoin’s capacity-expanding technology named Lightning Network. It does not make users trust intermediary, the Lightning’s “off-chain” transactions fast and almost limitless in supply. As they plan most of the transactions will be made on off-chain micropayment channels taking the workload from the blockchain. How long will it take to scale? It is a complicated question. There are a lot of experimentations and goals ahead and the architects have high hopes for the future.    

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