DLT Adoption in the UK

DLT Adoption in the UK

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The Government of the United Kingdom tries to keep pace with the times. Today's report that has been released by the House of Lords stressed the opportunities for distributed ledger technologies (DLT) across government services. The report indicated that applications could be built across sectors including immigration and customs, public safety and national security, healthcare, cybersecurity and etc. According to the report, the DLT could change the government-citizens relationships with the assistance of the decentralized trust mechanisms. Lord Christopher Holmes, who led the release of the report, said:
"Our working hypothesis is that DLT can play a valuable part in enhancing the delivery of government services to the citizens of the U.K., in securing the U.K.'s competitive position as a global leader in technology‐based innovation and in protecting the security of government and citizens; data at a time when both are increasingly under threat."

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